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In Conclusion

The system provides total protection against counterfeit kosher food. This is achieved through two methods of usage. Combined, they achieve 100% defence against kashrus fraud.

The first method is the ability to immediately and reliably detect forgeries using the special TeMWIA security label on the package. This allows for the positive identification of items from point of manufacture, during distribution and at the point of final delivery.

This provides full security where all items are checked, such as the bulk distribution of meat from a local abattoir or meat packing plant to butcher shops, or the import of meat or meat products from foreign meat plants.

The second method guarantees protection for retail purchases where it is not feasible to ensure that every single item is checked.

We estimate that as long as the public checks a small proportion of all products, counterfeit products will be detected so quickly as to remove all commercial incentive for such activity.

We estimate that scanning rates as low as two to three percent would suffice. In practice we would expect checking rates to be even higher, once the public becomes aware of the system. If each household were to check several items each week, the required target will be reached with ease, without the need for every item to be scanned.

We would expect Community Rabbis to support the system and encourage congregants to do their bit by regularly checking a proportion of their purchases and thereby create an adequate checking percentage to protect everyone.


There is much to discuss with respect to the special security measures taken by to identify forged labels and any suspicious activity.

The system can provide live analysis of scanning activity and thus ensure that events requiring attention are dealt with promptly.

The flexible design allows to be tuned to the needs of each client and individual product range.

Anyone who is seriously interested in hearing more, and is able to provide bona-fide credentials as to why they need to know, is welcome to contact us. We will be pleased to discuss how can satisfy their specific requirements.

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The TeMWIA project is not just a concept but it has been fully implemented and is currently used in the UK, Europe and the US.

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